Creating the Ultimate Guest Experience for the Modern Traveler

Today, the whole travel landscape is considerably changing and new technologies are coming forward as a new wave of disruption in the hospitality industry. Modern travelers are changing their ways of travel, and vacation rentals have become popular and viable alternatives to hotels. We see today’s travelers now prefer to opt for house and apartment rentals, from villas to city apartments in any location for their stay. 

Our perspective is that modern travelers are choosing serviced apartment rentals because they are not just a place to settle for several nights, instead they seek an authentic and personal travel experience. They are interested in home-away-from-home experience, they want to stay in a place with convenient and familiar amenities rather than overpriced and impractical features. 

This new wave of travelers wants to feel connected with the locals, other guests and the people around them. Serviced apartments are a new era of hospitality for modern travelers who do not want to stay in overpriced hotels with rooms in shoebox sizes. Some of these hotels have outdated processes, antiquated technologies, old styled rooms or even slow internet (usually at an additional cost). It’s no surprise that these modern travelers would rather spend their holidays in a serviced apartment with all modern conveniences, as well as an advanced technology accelerate their booking process. 

We believe that seamless travel has become an expectation for every modern traveler. Today’s travelers expect a seamless experience when planning a trip, booking accommodation or other related services, as well as interacting with travel providers. They are on the lookout for personalized experiences they can easily control with the help of technological advancements without an issue. Thus, we find that it is important to create a seamless experience customized for every traveler. 

Seamless trip planning 

How would the ideal booking process look, for the modern traveler? Right  from the booking process, guests are offered the best apartment unit by their providers and they are provided personalized services based on their needs. If the traveler is visiting a new city for a business trip or a family holiday, they can easily choose the apartment that suits their needs. The modern-day travelers value convenience and ease when it comes to planning a trip. 

With technology, and the many online booking platforms and options available, travelers can book their accommodation wherever and whenever it’s convenient for them. There is also timely communication between the guest and the provider throughout the booking experience until check-in. 

Technology is playing an important role in delivering seamless and frictionless experiences for guests with a usable website and mobile app. Since we are in a technologically advanced world, it’s easy for modern travelers to plan and book their holidays. Unlike hotels where guests can check in at a specific time, travelers can check-in any time of the day with a mobile phone and keyless lock solutions Similarly, technology enables accommodation providers to streamline their operations and enhance guest experiences. 

Upon arrival at the apartments, guests will be provided access codes to the entrance door, which opens to a clean and homey living space localized to the flavor of the neighborhood 

Homey & well-equipped apartments 

Every modern traveler (business or leisure traveler) is looking for a choice of accommodation with all the amenities to fit their lifestyle, an opportunity to be immersed in the local culture as well as experiences branded with personalized touches. 

For instance, serviced apartments are comfy, private, spacious, and thoughtful with all essential amenities that fit any lifestyle. The apartments are located in urban cities in prime locations, within interesting neighborhoods. They offer the same convenience and comfort any traveler who want to immerse themselves in the destination, and enjoy exciting local activities and experiences. 

Serviced apartments are well-appointed with modern facilities including well-equipped kitchens with plenty of utensils and glassware, utilities, dryers and washers, and free Wi-Fi. Guests can make their own breakfast, lunch, and dinner, wash their laundry on weekends and even work from home. They have separate living and sleeping spaces as well as all the entertainment systems our guests could possibly need. Most serviced apartments are situated within walking distance to local restaurants and bars, grocery stores and parks. Once booked, our guests can work, relax and play any time, any day. 

Silent guest services 

With a focus on service, comfort, and style, there are also silent guest services for travelers staying in the apartments when needed.  The travelers can get everything they need at their fingertips through technology – an app or tablet. They can easily order a cab, buy fresh groceries, book a cleaner, find a yoga studio or even reserve a restaurant to go to for brunch. Modern day hospitality providers  build relationships with their guests to provide them with beautiful living experience. They are armed with inside knowledge of the locales to create an ultimate guest experience, thereby making their guest’s stay more memorable, pleasant and special. 

Modern travelers seek these personalized experiences, where they can immerse themselves in the local culture, connect with people and their surroundings. They are looking for an experience that resonates with them on a deeper emotional level. That is why short-term rental with well serviced, well designed and well thought out serviced apartment are meeting these needs and focusing on optimizing the experience of their guests from the beginning to the end.