About Us

Live like a local, no matter where your travels take you

A new approach to travel

Blending hotel-style amenities with a more authentic, welcoming, and a local experience that feels like home, Viagem helps travelers’ book beautifully designed apartments and suites anywhere and at any time. Whether you’re searching for a weekend stay, a short-term rental, or a relaxing escape from daily life, we offer a welcoming, thoughtful experience that lets you to feel and live like a local.   

Our commitment is to provide our guests with a comfortable, clean and well-designed place to stay wherever their travels take them. Our hospitality team is always available and dedicated to delivering guests a warm, welcoming experience in order to create a lasting memory. We ensure your questions are answered promptly, whether you’re looking for the best place to brunch or fun entertainment for the kids.   

Viagem offers more than just a place to sleep and work: We give travelers a new way to explore, discover, and experience the world without sacrificing modern amenities or convenience. 





Guests Served


Our Story

Feel like you’re home on every trip

The story of Viagem began with a critical reassessment of modern-day travel. As frequent travelers and adventurers ourselves, we are tired of being boxed in by small, soulless hotel rooms and frustrated by the unpredictable nature of peer-to-peer rentals. We seek a more authentic experience in our travels.

We look for a frictionless solution that caters to our needs. A solution that allows us to book anywhere, stay anywhere, and check-in seamlessly. We want to feel at home no matter where we place our bags, and want to stay in a space that is well thought out, well-maintained, tech-savvy, and above all else, a place where we are able to create lasting memories. 

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We want to offer you, a modern day traveler, a better, more immersive way of staying.  Whether you are setting up your life for a few days or a few months, our goal is to bring the fun and flair back into traveling, whether for work or pleasure or both. We want to offer our travelers a world-class experience that delivers urban amenities with a small town feel – all while creating the perfect backdrop for discovery and creating lasting memories.  We believe that by connecting travelers to a network of beautifully designed, clean, and technology enabled apartments in popular cities and towns worldwide, we offer a newer, more personal way to travel. 

Today, we help like-minded travelers discover new places that make them feel right at home. With hundreds of apartments throughout the United States, we harness the power of local insight, convenience, and modern amenities to deliver a new, better way to travel. With hospitality and our guests the number one priority, we provide innovative, thoughtful solutions for modern travel.   

A Viagem stay is more than just a comfy, clean, and beautiful place to stay: We’re providing you a place to call home wherever your travels take you.


Our Promise

Stay positive. Stay smiling. Stay local

At Viagem, our goal is to not only to meet your expectations but to exceed them at every turn. We believe that simply going the extra mile for our guests isn’t enough. We are committed to providing our guests with an immersive, authentic, and thoughtful experience designed to enhance their stay and help them create lasting memories.  

To do this, we promise the following: 

  • To provide you with a beautifully, clean, and modern apartment that feels warm, welcoming, and comfortable. 
  • To do everything in our power and control to create the ideal place for you to stay, whether you’re visiting for a few days or months. 
  • To be attentive, prompt and helpful whenever you need us. 
  • To provide you space when you want it and provide service when you need it. 
  • To maintain every property with love and care and prepare each space for you with the local touch and knowledge. 
  • To offer you the same hospitality, amenities, and commitment to service throughout any of our properties around the world. 
  • To do everything to make your stay as memorable, enjoyable, and safe as possible. 

From staycations to digital nomads, family vacations to business trips, and everything in between – we promise to support travelers from all walks of life as they embrace their wanderlust without ever losing the comfort and feeling of home.