Modern Travelers Today Seek Alternative Accommodation

Short-term Rentals Transforming the General Travel Landscape

What does the modern traveler want in accommodation? A room with a bed or an experience reflective of her interest in a homely atmosphere, value for money, local touch and guest-host connection?

Around the world, alternative accommodation rentals are changing the lodging narratives. Piecemeal improvements in travel offerings bolstered by an always-on interaction with the best of online platforms, mobile devices, and social media now allow people to seek out serviced apartments, guest houses, and commercial homes that provide lodging for payment rather than staying in traditional hotels.

This marketplace model empowers the travelers who are seeking where to stay during their holidays. These travelers document their travel experiences in real time with the hope it’ll help wide-eyed vacationers, friends, family member, or a future self plan the next trip. Meanwhile, this is without the room owners or managers vetting it. We’re witnessing the decentralization of tourist accommodation in things like short-term rentals, short-stay apartments, vacation, and even city rentals.

It doesn’t seem too long ago that deciding where to stay, booking it and moving over were separate aspects of a traveler’s pain point. Today, in the accommodation sector, ‘seamless’  is the catchphrase as brands strive to integrate the most appropriate on-demand services. Whether checking out luxe home listings in the Bay Area or staying at a short-term rental in New York to apartment-hunt in Fremont, short term rentals are legitimate accommodation solution needed in prime urban locations.

We’ll look at some of the different types of travelers and how they plan their vacation when it comes to accommodation;


The out-of-state traveler

If you live in Colorado or California, persistent rent hikes can’t be news (hopefully you ain’t from Aurora, CO). A regular couple in modern prefab home may not have enough space to host family members, even when they require bosom caregiving from home country (possibly for a new-born). However, short-term rentals will avail any visiting caregiver with a homely atmosphere throughout her stay. Our hypothetical couple would be looking at home-like hygiene, food quality, security, a facility not listed by traditional hoteliers, local environment/ambiance, and flexibility (within walking distance) among other deciding factors.


The university worker

The university worker wants a furnished home for the duration of the semester (some 3 to 4 months). One comfy enough for himself, spouse and kids, if they ever come calling. Inquiring at the hotel would be undesirably expensive. Finding a sublet that meets requirements (available as and when needed, in the right community and away from the crowd) could be limited.


The modern traveler

The new age traveler desires an authentic and lifetime experience, whatever inspires happiness, supports passions (daily routines) and encourages self-discovery. They want to own their space, share common space, desire homely ambiance (like having a real kitchen) and crave local cuisines. These options could be very much limited when checking in a hotel. It goes without saying that a modern traveler would rather not give up on thick-crusted mountain pies than live right next to a cafeteria renowned for delicious Ramen noodles. Though she’s open to diversity, a global community and discovery, maintaining a local touch is at the core of her ethos. The demographic cohorts of these travelers could fall between the baby boomers and millennials but they all have the psyche of the latter (Gen Y).


Prospective residents

Short-term apartments are, more-or-less, useful for intending residents of a location (area). This allows for sustained proximity to the area, a better understanding of her people, culture and informed home-hunting.


The seasoned traveler

The seasoned traveler knows the importance of relaxation after a tedious work schedule. She’s accustomed to finding a nice place to stay for the weekend either in a prime urban location or somewhere remote – as much as monotony can be eliminated. Whether in the far-flung resorts or in a 1 bedroom short-stay apartment, the traveler wants to keep up with routine (jogging, running, yoga), makes conscious use of the environment (like fetching waste items for recycling, conserving water and electricity). Such guest, who could have had a bad experience with hotels in the past, keeps a cordial relationship with the host before and long after the trip.


Families with children

Families who want to enjoy quality time together, privacy and extra space would always prefer to go for short-stay rentals rather than staying in a hotel. Even though, most hotels welcome families with children, they don’t really give them space, flexibility and the freedom they need. Thus, parents would prefer a perfect living space that addresses all their considerable needs, to make their stay enjoyable and memorable.

Similarly, families with children with life-limiting conditions need short-term residential facilities for an enjoyable life away from their real homes. The usefulness of this kind of short-stay rental, however, goes way beyond a guest house for families seeking a break from the daily routine and responsibilities. It extends the safe and pleasant atmosphere of their home for both parents and their struggling wards.

Short-term rentals could be a long-term solution to tourism and housing, with an abundance of homes for people who want to live and people who only want to visit.


The business traveler

Nowadays, the popularity of short-stay accommodation for business travelers is increasing. Even business travelers are demanding flexibility, control, and freedom for their trips. The personal space, freedom, and privacy transform the accommodation into a ‘short-term’ home even though they are on a business trip.


The older generation 

The older generation traveler have experienced life and they have free time on their hands. They are mostly retirees and older people  have worked and earned their time to travel and explore, see new places and enjoy new experiences. These travelers make longer trips and prefer to stay in accommodation rentals rather than hotels. They have no time constraints, and they just want an easy and comfortable travel style.

Senior travelers prefer to stay in a comfortable apartment, which they can call their home. A safe and secure place where they can cook their own meals, and have easy access to some essentials including mobility, health & medical services. When it comes to travel, the older generation are looking for both mental and physical comfort to live a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the rest of their lives.


Travel means something different for every type of traveler. However, everyone is looking for that right place with a home-like feeling to dwell no matter where they go. Gone are those days when people stay in formal hotel rooms with a standardized rating system. Nowadays, short-term rentals are transforming the general travel landscape.

Every traveler is looking for a more comfortable, private and cozy place to stay, where they can just be themselves. It doesn’t matter if they are business travelers or millennial travelers, they value a well-equipped and spacious short-term rental with high level of comfort at affordable prices.