The Best Mini-Golf Courses in North Myrtle Beach

Most golf courses per capita in the US are in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, but the fun doesn’t stop there for those who can’t put the putter down. The Grand Strand is home to more than 50 putt-putt golf courses, including some of the best mini-golf in the world.

Given that the area is renowned as the “Golf Capital of the World,” it’s not surprising that golf and even mini-golf is among the most popular pastimes there. Each mini-golf course has a unique and captivating theme, including everything from dinosaurs and pirates to a Hawaiian adventure and more.

From Viagem’s lovely vacation rentals located all along the Grand Strand, your day of enjoyment on a North Myrtle Beach mini golf course is just a short, picturesque drive away. So, grab the family and prepare for friendly rivalry at our picks for the top-rated mini golf North Myrtle Beach provides!

Hawaiian Rumble Golf & Batting Cages

Photo Credit: hawaiianrumbleminigolf.com

This year-round 18-hole miniature golf course, rated #1 in the world, is built around lush Hawaiian landscaping featuring a large 40-foot volcano in the center. Soothing music performed by the best Hawaiian singers serenades you as you stroll through the tropical gardens. You’ll feel as though you’ve just landed on the Hawaiian islands.

Hawaiian Rumble Golf includes baseball and softball batting cages, a picnic space for that midday snack, a Subway, pizza, ice cream, and more!

Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf

Professor Duffer A. Hacker, a renowned explorer, archaeologist, anthropologist, paleontologist, and part-time taxidermist, conducted two trips to the Fogclift Islands off South America’s coast in the 1920s. This mini-golf course recreates his journey in a fun way that will make your kids squeal from excitement and for you, it’ll conjure up old memories of Indiana Jones.

The two 18-hole outdoor miniature golf courses are encircled by a mining train ride that children, in particular, will enjoy. Take the mining car to the mountain’s summit, then ride with Professor Hacker on a thrilling exploration to uncover gold and diamonds. Players will go on an adventure across the Fogclift Islands’ jungles in pursuit of jewels and wealth. Both routes wind past dinosaur bones, gold mines, and tumbling waterfalls while presenting various challenges and surprises.

Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf is located only a 20 minute walk or 3 minute drive from this modern 2-bedroom vacation rental home.

Professor Hacker’s Dinosaur Adventure Golf

Another from the Professor Hacker series, this mini-golf course follows his adventures back to the time of dinosaurs. This journey began when Professor Hacker and a companion took to the skies, lost their bearings, and crash-landed in a canyon. They quickly discovered that dinosaurs were living nearby and requested assistance. But, unfortunately, the ship to save them was found beached on the rocks.

As you begin your miniature golf journey, you will encounter streams and waterfalls. Players at Dinosaur Adventure will discover themselves stranded on a tropical island home to enormous, colorful dinosaurs! In addition, you’ll pass by hot air balloons and an 85-foot steamship.

Both courses provide 18 holes of excitement and fun, each with its own unique hazards and challenges. Watch out for the ravenous dinos!

Mayday Golf

A modest, family-owned miniature golf course, Mayday Golf was established in 1997. It was chosen as the “Best Survival Course” and has been highlighted on the Travel Channel program “Mini Golf Madness.”

Since one of the founding partners of Professor Hacker’s Mayday Golf holds a commercial pilot’s license, the aircraft theme has an air of authenticity. Players are taken on a journey through the two 18-hole courses as they pass through flowing streams, rocky hills, lush flora, a cascading waterfall, a helicopter, and a giant yellow plane touching down upon Mayday mountain.

Mayday Golf is located within a quick drive from this quaint ocean view rental, ideal for up to 6 guests.

Mutiny Bay Miniature Golf

A swashbuckling environment with tropical flora, a pirate ship, cannons, waterfalls, dungeons, and an antique port hamlet awaits visitors at this 36-hole all-outdoor mini-golf course. Although there are many obstacles on the course, it is still simple enough for people of all ages to enjoy.

The Mutiny Bay Miniature Golf Course includes a special effects battle between Caribbean pirates every 30 minutes. Mutiny Bay, which opened in 2001, is well known for the large pirate ship that can be seen along Highway 17. Some of the mini golf course holes are played on the pirate ship!

Black Pearl Mini Golf

Looking for family-friendly entertainment? Then look no further than Black Pearl Mini Golf and Arcade, an 18-hole mini golf course with a pirate theme. The final hole features a magnificent pirate ship after you’ve strolled the boardwalks and taken in the lively music and waterfalls.

There’s still more pleasure to be had! Black Pearl Mini Golf also has a fantastic ice cream parlor and confectionery store for some post-mini golf sweets and delights. So after a round of miniature golf, satisfy that sweet tooth and spend time reliving your childhood in the arcade featuring 80 games.

Molten Mountain

Molten Mountain has two distinct and thrilling courses, or you can play all 36 holes. You will explore a lush tropical area along the base of a 50-foot active volcano while playing Pele’s Revenge, a wheelchair and stroller-accessible course. To add even more intrigue to your game of golf, it also features the Mischief Spinner game. At the same time, the volcano explodes every 30 minutes in a smoke-filled blaze.

Lava Louie’s is one of Molten Mountain’s most unusual and challenging courses. Lava pools, smokestacks, and tribal artifacts may all be seen as you walk along the trail outlined inside the active volcano. In addition, both courses feature interesting information on volcanoes and mythology.

Come and take part in this unique round of miniature golf. There is also a snack bar with ice cream, soft drinks, and alcoholic drinks. Don’t forget to stop by the gift shop to pick something up to commemorate your day of fun and adventure at Molten Mountain.

Hawaiian Village Mini Golf

One of the more challenging holes in town with new greens added in 2018, Hawaiian Village Mini Golf offers mini-golfers the opportunity to maneuver through a bustling tropical village. Choose between two 18-hole outdoor mini-golf courses featuring colorful boats, trains, flowers, streams, and waterfalls.

Additionally, take a photo inside the vibrant Aloha Mini Golf jeep. Then, find out if you have what it takes to land that hole in one and bring home the winning trophy!

Located a quick drive away from this modern and spacious vacation rental. This is the perfect homebase for a mix of beach proximity and plenty of mini-golf fun.

Mt. Atlanticus Minotaur Goff

Atlantis-themed Mt. Atlanticus Minotaur Goff is a 36-hole miniature golf course with stunning sea life, waterfalls, caves, tiki bungalows, and more. While Mt. Atlanticus isn’t in the North Myrtle Beach area, it is worth mentioning, especially due to its proximity to Downtown Myrtle Beach.

Only a scenic half-hour drive from North Myrtle Beach, you’ll find two course options. The Conch Course and Minotaur Course merge as you walk outside, beginning indoors. Both courses have winding pathways leading to mountaintop golf lodges, via caverns, to the waterfall’s base, and even through a maze. Don’t forget to bring your camera; from the golf huts, which are 75 feet high, at the top of Mount Atlanticus, you’ll have a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean.

The best hole is not to be missed! The 19th hole features a little patch of green sandwiched between two inside ponds. You can earn a free lifetime pass and have your photo displayed on the wall if you’re fortunate enough to make this hole.

Enjoy These Best Mini-Golf Courses in North Myrtle Beach

Add some extra fun to your beach vacation by playing a round or two at these best mini-golf courses in North Myrtle Beach. Perfect for year-round fun, you and your family or friends will love the uniqueness at each course and I’m sure will embrace the competitive spirit!